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Palladium Legal is widely recognized as a leading law firm based in India and in the UK, capable of providing innovative legal solutions in high-value, complex and cross-border cases. This is combined with strict adherence to international standards and extensive local expertise. Palladium Legal has successfully represented individuals and businesses for over 10 years in state and federal courts in legal services, international arbitration and dispute resolution, estate management, property fraud, patents/trademark rights and beyond.  

Why hire Palladium Legal defense lawyers?

When your future and your freedom is on the line, our business defence lawyers will endeavour ceaselessly on your behalf to safeguard you and your inalienable rights. We, the advocates here at Palladium Legal, pride ourselves in ensuring that every possible avenue of preparation and analysis is undertaken to guarantee optimal results for our clients.

We practice exclusively in the area of Mercantile Law

Mercantile/Business law is an expansive always-evolving area of law. Our decades of expertise in Mercantile Law enables us to identify issues before they occur and provide iron-clad potential defences in your unique case. 

Client’s service is our absolute priority 

Every client is valuable to us. We ae wholly dedicated to the protection and advancement of our clients’ interests each and every step of the way. Our advice is always straightforward, objective and independent to ensure provision of optimal service


  • Property theft and fraud
  • Forensic accounting, trial checking, and due diligence transactions
  • Estate Management services
  • Patents and Trademark issues
  • International Arbitration Mediation & Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • NIR & OCI Services within India

Our commitment to you

We know the cruciality of protecting your legal rights, and the vitality of being available at all times for urgent course corrections or last-minute changes to the evidence or presentation of a case. We are uniquely passionate and driven by the zeal of devotion to client need. Since our formation in 2010, we have never been off-duty, because instances for critical data and evidence collection, retrieval, and indexing do not appear neatly within a 9-5 window and often present themselves with hours to spare. You have our assurance that, when the chips are down, our determination and intense planning will ensure no pertinent fact or procedural issue will go overlooked.

What sets our services apart.

  • A separate outreach office for maximal convenience, and practical access to legal assistance 
  • Vastly extended night and weekend services compared with our competitors in order to accommodate the schedules of regular work and unforeseen changes to circumstances surrounding a case
  • Free consultation, advice and free notary services; both on-site and through visitation
  • We believe in direct client-to-partner connection, toppling the usual bureaucratic layering of assistants, paralegals, and junior associates. Simple or complex, we understand the lofty levels of urgency and sensivity in our clients’ is why they come to us
  • Our partners are highly skilled in leveraging technological resources, resulting in reduction of our overhead and passing on any potential cost saving and increase in efficiency directly on to our clients
  • We offer online consultation via social platforms, including video conferencing apps such as Skype, Viber, Messenger, Duo & Zoom, to maximize client convenience. We prefer to offer the assurance that you are prepared and informed about your unique circumstances, options and potential solutions without potentially inconveniencing you or your intruding on your schedule with your visit to our offices.

Our Mission

What is our aim?

Our mission is to serve as a primary resource and partner in all facets of legal matters. We are here to deliver a quality-assured, creatively driven and results-oriented innovative legal service to individual and business requirements, bespoke for highly specific areas of practice. At Palladium Legal, we charge ourselves with this responsibility undertaken with utter dedication, to guarantee the objective will be met. Our passionate and diverse team of advocates operate seamlessly at local and international levels. When we receive our clients’ praise and thanks for their received service, and when we hear that they have recommended us to people close to them, we feel that we are truly winning hearts and minds. This is our sole longing and eternal mission.


Cases Handled

We have a great degree of experience across the range and breadth of areas we operate within.



As the years pass our acumen continues to accumulate, with constant audits to ensure continued efficiency and to ward off any stagnation or obstinate practices.



We always ensure your case has an optimal chance of victory, and would never waste costs to you, the client, by providing advocacy for a case we don’t think we can.

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