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Direct & Indirect Taxation



We at Palladium Legal shall ensure that you are able to perform your business / professional and personal commitments to the fullest without worrying on the various taxation related issues



In a country like India where there exists a multiplex of taxation which is directly connected to an Individual / Corporate, people are generally left with general lack of knowledge concerning the correct knowledge of the tax being paid or to be paid or are just facing missteps along their way.

Our team not only advises you and your organisation to create an efficient structure that allows you to pay taxes in a way that maximum focus is on maximization of profits and business development and the least amount of stress on payment of taxation by us making the process streamlined for you.

Not only do we carry out thorough due diligence on the on the taxation structure of your Company but also review the same and provide inputs on making the taxation structure better wherever possible along with alerting you on potential tax implications on any current and future transaction carried or to be carried out by your Company in order for you to assess the viability of the same. 

Income Tax and Corporate Tax are the most prominent examples of direct taxation in the country hence we provide our expertise and inputs to make sure that all the relevant forms are prepared, assessment is properly carried out, respond to any queries raised during scrutiny and represent in case of disputes along with providing advisory services.

We also represent our clients before the Tax Tribunals Appellate Tribunals and various High Courts regarding any and all issues faced concerning taxation.



Indirect taxation in India underwent a major overhaul in 2017 by introduction of Goods & Services Tax or GST which replaced VAT, Service Tax and excise allowing for transparency and fairness across the broad range of goods and services brought under its purview. However with GST came immense significance to compliances in the form multiple statutory records along with constant reconciliation of input credits being claimed for each transaction. Hence, businesses and individuals are facing many complications in order to meet their tax requirements under GST including but not limited to increasing one’s statutory tax filings to at least 37 filings in a year.

We at Palladium Legal are dedicated to assist in GST registration, migration from erstwhile registrations along with streamlining the process of calculation and cross – referencing your GST liabilities along with the input credits in order for you to stand gain the most from regular GST payment.

In this global world we also aid, assist and advice our multinational clients on the best way to avoid Double Taxation, Special Economic Zones along with handling the Advance Tax rulings concerning any Transaction while also diligently representing our clients over various litigations surrounding GST, excise, customs and more across the judicial and government authorities pan India.


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