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If hard work, dedication and focus is your second name we would love to have you on our team.

Palladium Legal is nothing without our excellent team of professionals. Each person matters and makes a difference. We are not just a number of Advocates but comprise a carefully selected and vetted team of professionals such as Mediators, Arbitrators, Accountants  and Corporate Forensic Intelligence Specialists, Barristers (UK) for cross-border work, Offshore Forensic Experts, Financial & Corporate Professionals, Estate Managers, Litigation Support Experts and beyond.

If you are one of the above and not simply seeking a job but a rewarding career path and complement this desire with a determination and an ability for hard and focused work, you are just the one we have been looking for. Do apply!

Law/Legal Internship job


Location: Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Industry: Advocacy, Arbitration & Mediation

Occupational Category: Legal Interns (Fluency in Marathi)

Hours: Full-time Interns

Educational Requirement:

  • Highly motivated 4th or 5th year LL.B. (or equivalent) students or persons with one to two year legal work experience.
  • Good attainment grades, but these will be considered in combination of past internships, work and any type of interesting exposure such as evidence of extracurricular activities like leadership, team building, public speaking, research, report writing etc.
  • High achievers with excellent grasping and analytical skills AND good people skills who reside in Mumbai and wish to work in Mumbai.
  • You can choose to work remotely from your home too provided the Covid-19 situation. Please mention this on your CV.
  • Preference will be given for fluency in Marathi (Spoken, written, and a good listener) as a 3-month internship leading to full time.

Strong Benefits:

We typically offer four weeks to 3 months internships. An internship may result in you being taken on after 3 months but will depend entirely on your performance, that of your peers and our openings. If you believe the above criteria work for you, then we invite you to submit your application indicating when you wish to participate in the internship. If you are flexible please indicate this clearly since this may work better with our availability.

How to Apply:

You may send us your application either directly or have it coordinated by your Institute. If you send it directly please send it to info@palladium-legal.com. Some, Institutes themselves pre-screen on the basis of our criteria and send us a shortlist of recommended candidates. The firm reserves the right to choose a candidate on its own perception of merit and other criteria.

Perks & Incentives:

  • Fixed Stipend (In practice for Internship period)
  • Other perks: Certificate

Who we are:

We are Palladium Legal, we are a young Legal Firm with interesting domestic and international clients servicing the areas of Property Law, Property Theft & Property Fraud, Forensic Investigation – Litigation Support, Litigation, Corporate Intelligence, Estates, Wills & Probate & Estate Management, Patent, Copyright & Trademark Law, Financial & Commercial Law, Income Tax & Corporate Tax, Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR, Arbitration & International Arbitration, Maritime Law, NRI & OCI Legal Services. We have a small office in Fort but the intern will be working out of our office in Parel, or remotely from home provided the Covid-19 situation.

Date Posted: 2020-02-05


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