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Julia Kenny

Julia Kenny

Mediator & Arbitrator

Julia Kenny is an University of London and ISG Paris educated arbitration and mediation specialist and heads the Palladium Legal Arbitration and Mediation Department. She has over a decade of experience in IP intensive transactions, international arbitration and mediation related work, serving clients from UAE, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Togo, US, India and other diverse jurisdictions. Her background in funds, family office, trade, corporate finance, property, energy, infrastructure, mining and construction led to specialised arbitration knowledge at the highest level. She has served as lead arbitrator in disputes  under the UNCITRAL, ICC, ICSID, SCC, LCIA, CICA, CIArb, PCA, SIAC, DIAC, JAMS, AFA and other arbitration rules. Her clients refer to her as being “incredibly smart“, “reliable, dynamic, loyal and committed to her clients“ . She takes up appointments on arbitral panels and committees representing client interest as well as acting as a highly specialised arbitrator to adjudicate on disputes relating to her expertise.

Her forte is:  

  • Case analysis & case management
  • Insight into winning case strategies and arguments
  • IP intensive & leveraged transactions
  • Corporate Intelligence and Forensics
  • Mastery of all procedural techniques used in international arbitration
  • Fierce and uncompromising representation of her clients’ interests
  • Track record in large and complex arbitration
  • Understanding the true nature and objectives of organisational structures with international holding companies, subsidiaries, trusts and foundations with or without offshore elements 


  • Mining
  • Infrastructure
  • Finance & Funds
  • Energy
  • Shipping
  • Intellectual Property

Working Languages:

English (professional fluency); German (professional fluency), French (conversational), Spanish (conversational), Italian (conversational)


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