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Why Choose us

We are relentless and tireless in pursuing our clients cases and finding solutions.

Since the fusion between EFS and our group of advocates we have proven ourselves to be a leading law firm in India dealing with high profile cases. We are a young and dynamic law firm that focuses on getting the job done. Our team of Lawyers, Mediators, Arbitrators and Corporate Forensic Intelligence Specialists work tirelessly across practice areas and offices helping our clients in different cities and rural areas of India. Our legal, mediation and arbitration service was extended to London in 2018. Our increasingly popular legal service for NRI and OCI is helping clients from all over the world to monetize, or take due ownership on their ancestral land.

Land fraud and illegal share transfers in companies still remain one the highest in India with only a few cases being solved in a timely manner. We excel in trailing and uncovering fraud and exerting pressure on the fraudsters by bringing them to criminal and/or civil court. Alternatively, on instruction we mediate or arbitrate a final solution. Our forte is International Arbitration Mediation & Dispute Resolution (ADR), NRI & OCI Services in India, Property Law, Financial & Corporate Law & beyond.

The Best
Legal Defence

Our litigation advocates will protect your property rights and assets in court. No matter who occupies your property now, or who is reaping the benefit of the company that should rightfully be yours and how many threats are issued. We prepare a perfect paper trail and ensure full and relentless litigation to achieve a decision in your favor.

Arbitrators & Mediators of Excellence

No matter how messy it is, we are here to sort it out and give you peace of mind. Our team will exert sufficient pressure on your opponents to bring them to the negotiating table. We provide domestic or international Arbitrators to act as lead Arbitrators or taking a seat at a panel of Arbitrators. As mediators we are relentless in achieving a solution that will work for you.

The Expert

We are a team of highly skilled advocates with extensive backgrounds in mercantile law. Every member of our team contributes in their respective area of expertise. We have what it takes to represent our valued clients in court proceedings and relentlessly work for victory.

Our Service

Compassion     Conviction     Results

We work relentlessly and tirelessly for you. For us justice is not just a term. We strategize and we analyse.  We prepare meticulously for justice to be communicated successfully to the judges and thus deliver justice every day for our clients. We advise, research, interpret, develop, prepare, appear in courts, fight in the hearings and make sure the best solution for your case is found for you. 

We excel in;

  • Unraveling Property Theft/Fraud and falsified share transfers
  • Forensic Accounting
  • NRI & OCI Services in India
  • International Arbitration Mediation & Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Wills, Codicil & Estate Management Service
  • Patents/Trademark Registration & Claims
  • Financial & Corporate Law

10+ year

Long Legal Experience

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Team Of Professionals

Our expert team of Advocates, Mediators, Arbitrators and Corporate Forensic Intelligence Specialists make your financial and commercial worries their own and are dedicated in creating a solution workable for you. Our team has earned an impeccable reputation for focus and commitment to relentlessly fighting for justice, or mediating real and workable solutions for their clients. Each one on the team has been carefully chosen and vetted and is an expert in their chosen field of speciality. Our strength is that we work as a team.


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