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Corporate Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence

As forensic accounting  and trail chasing has become an essential tool to investigate corruption, fraud, and other forms of financial misconduct, the related, but distinct tool of corporate intelligence has slowly progressed to play an important role. Contrary to relying on focused review and analysis of the numbers in a company’s financial statements, books, and records to identify high-risk or otherwise unusual transactions, the practice of corporate intelligence centers on research and analysis of qualitative information regarding a subject of interest, being either an entity, a person, or a particular situation. Corporate intelligence and forensic accounting teams often work in tandem to identify and mitigate potential or current risks facing an organisation, and help resolve questions arising from quantitative abnormalities. 

Corporate Intelligence is broadly defined as the focused collection and analysis of information regarding an unfamiliar subject that is used to deliver key insights to decision makers in support of a major business concern, corporate action such as an investment or acquisition, internal inquiry, or consideration of risk factors. This information, in part referred to transaction due diligence,  is largely obtained through public records, open sources, and proprietary databases. It can also be developed through interviews and conversations with knowledgeable individuals. 

  • Share register due diligence
  • Review of organisational structures and their holdings
  • Contract review
  • Amalgamations and merger review
  • Acquisitions
  • Intellectual Property and & Royalties Checks
  • Transaction due diligence
  • Directors and executives background check
  • Paper trail and funds review


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