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Patent, Copyright and Trademark Law

Patents/Trademark Registration & Claim Issues

You can be rest assured that we will secure and safeguard your individual and / or Company’s Intellectual Property through our dedicated assistance

The three broad spectrums of your Intellectual Property Rights that we help protect and preserve are:

. Patents

. Copyrights

. Trademarks



Patents are legal documents granted by the Indian Government thereby providing the exclusive right to the inventor to make, use and sell inventions of a specified number of years and also for making significant modifications to existing inventions.

We assure you as the inventor to help protect your original inventions and innovations in the form of Patents at every stage beginning from patent applications to legal enforcements of your rights as a patent holder. With the advent of the National Intellectual Property Rights Policy which has brought about a holistic view to Intellectual Property Rights and forming a synergy, India as a whole recognises the importance of Patents in the innovation universe.

Often, corporates as well as individuals do not utilise their Patent rights to their fullest benefit, we therefore also step in as legal managers of your Patent rights by carrying out periodical reviews with utmost confidentiality and make sure that you stand to follow the most appropriate practice and also gain the correct commercials from the same.

Our talented team shall provide you complete protection, advice on commercialization of your Patents, enforcement of your legal rights and carry out plethora of searches and analysis in order to appreciate and protect your inventions across the countless subjects.



Copyright is the legal protection and right of exclusivity given to authors and creators of literary work, dramatic acts and displays, musical and artistic works and displays, producers of cinematographic films and sound recordings. The various concerned rights under the Copyright jargaon are exclusive rights of reproduction, creation of copies, communication / display to public, adaptation and translation of the copyrighted work into various versions / languages. The Copyright Act, 1957 is concerned with Copyright protection and Section 14 deals with the various rights available in case of literary, dramatic, musical, computer programme, artistic, cinematograph film, and sound recording based works.

We help to protect all original creations through registration of your Copyright and also through subsequent initiation of and / or defending litigation to protect your unique creations along with allied works including licensing, assignment, negotiations, due diligence, dispute resolution and enforcement.

India is a signatory to the Berne Convention and several International group as well as bilateral treaties and conventions seeking better enforcement of Copyrights on a global level. Hence, Copyright protections in India are provided even to foreign nationals for the the works created by them as part of the signatory countries of the Conventions.



Since India became a signatory to the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights or better known as the TRIPS Agreement in 1995, various obligations were protection of Trademarks including distinguishing marks, service marks and periodical renewal of the registration of Trademarks. Along with the above, India is a member of the Paris Convention for Protection of Industrial Property; the Nairobi Treaty on the Protection of the Olympic Symbol; the Vienna Classification; the Nice Agreement and the Madrid Agreement concerning the International Registration of Marks so the governing factors of the same are applicable to India.

Further, with the advent and establishment of globalisation in trade, the concepts of brand names, trade names and marks have gained substantial value hence brought about the need for a uniform standard of protection, implementation and enforcement. In view of the same, the Trademarks Act, 1999 (through subsequent amendments) along with the Trademarks Rules, 2017 allowing for India to confirm to the minimum standards prescribed in the TRIPS Agreement and in accordance with globally accepted systems and practices. The Trade Marks Registry of India administers the Trademarks Act, 1999 along with allied rules, therefore acting as a resource and information center in matters relating to Trademarks in India.

At present, there are Trademark Offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Ahmedabad respectively to adjudicate matters and petitions relating to registration, rectification, and cancellation of Trademarks. We at Palladium Legal have a pan-India practice making sure that your Unique marks and even your Company/Trade name is registered and protected on a periodic and dynamic basis.

We also, help you make the best out of your intangible assets and unlock the true potential of your intellectual property through the various stages of licensing and franchising. Be rest assured that your Intellectual Property is in safe hands.


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