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Your Advocate / Counsel in Litigation concerning various matters across Commercial, Family, Property Civil, and Criminal matters.

Our litigation practice provides representation to you as an individual or a body corporate in multidisciplinary proceedings across various Courts / Tribunals across India. We are a team of highly motivated Advocates who are well geared and equipped to provide you with the best representation that you can have depending on the evidence and merits of the case. In most cases, the Court may pass a Summary Order dismissing or admitting a case at the preliminary stage based on maintainability of the case. 

Our Litigation team covers various aspects of the case management, right from organisation of Case papers, segregation of information to suit the merits of a Case and creating a summary, co-ordination with clients to get their version of the case and verifying the same with available material, interpreting and applying various applicable laws and procedures applicable to the particular case, drafting, vetting, finalising and filing the petition / plaint / complaint, to arguing your case to your best interests before the concerned judicial forum pan India.

Additionally, not only do we provide our expert assistance in filing the complaint but we also provide you with the best defence against any litigation filed against you and we understand that each case is unique in its own way. Our team is proficient at appearing before the various Courts, Tribunals and Forums across India including inter alia the Supreme Court of India, various High Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunals, National Company Law Tribunals, Consumer Forums and many more.


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